IRCTC iMudra Prepaid Card: Withdraw cash at ATMs, ATM charges, How to register, other details

IRCTC iMudra Prepaid Card: Withdraw cash at ATMs, ATM charges, How to register, other details

New Delhi: IRCTC iMudra prepaid card helps the users to carry out a cashless transaction. The cashless transaction could be if you are sending money, withdrawing cash at ATMs, buy goods and services either online or offline. It even offers the convenience of using the iMudra wallet across mobile app, tablet and desktop.

It may be noted that the IRCTC iMudra digital wallet comes with a virtual and physical card. One can carry out secure and hassle-free transaction while purchasing goods online or offline. One can easily withdraw cash at ATMs. According to the iMudra website, “You can use your IRCTC iMudra card to withdraw quick cash whenever you require by verifying your Know Your Customer(KYC) credentials.”


Worth mentioning here is that while transacting online using IRCTC iMudra card, you can opt credit card from the payment page to carry out your transaction. A registered user can have one virtual card and one physical card. A user will be charged Rs 10 for the virtual card and Rs 200 for the physical card, there is no card activation fees.

The first three transactions from a Federal Bank ATM in a month are free of cost. The subsequent transactions will be charged at a rate of Rs 20 plus the applicable taxes. However, any transaction on a non-Federal Bank ATMs will be charged at a rate of Rs 20 plus applicable taxes.

For minimum KYC verified users, the monthly wallet limit is Rs 10,000, and that for full, it is Rs 1 lakh. It may be noted that full KYC will be done by an agent. He will visit your place with a prior appointment. He will verify the hard copies of the document and upgrade your KYC.

Users can send or receive money using IRCTC iMudra app to their friends and family who use IRCTC iMudra. It is important to complete your KYC to start sending money.

Section How to register for iMudra digital wallet- STEP 1 Visit iMudra website Go to iMudra website In order to sign up, fill in all the details. Now verify your mobile number via OTP.

STEP 2 Enter OTP Your mobile number will be verified, once you enter the received one-time password (OTP), in the next page.

STEP 3 Get virtual card After you are registered, you will get a virtual and physical card, which can be used to make payments, shop online, etc.

Section How to suspend, un-suspend or block IRCTC iMudra Prepaid Card STEP 1 Visit iMudra website Go to iMudra and click on ‘My cards’ section from the left menu

STEP 2 Suspend, un-suspend or block card From ‘My Cards’ section, click on select Suspend/Unsuspend/Block Card as applicable. You will OTP.

STEP 3 Enter OTP You will receive OPT on your registered mobile number. Once you enter the OTP, your card will be suspended or blocked. Once the card is blocked, it can no longer be used and you need to get a new card.

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