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Google may soon end unlimited backups for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that will offer more control to users over what is backed up to Google. While this is a good feature and allows users to control the backup size, the reason behind this may disappoint a lot of users. Google Drive is currently the easiest way for WhatsApp

iOS 15: Now you can make UPI payments with iPhone camera; here’s how

New Delhi: With the release of iOS 15, Apple has added some extremely nice features to the camera app on iPhones. From better panorama features to text extraction from the camera viewfinder (LiveText), iOS 15’s camera has yet another significant feature: UPI payments. This feature is only available to customers who use the UPI payments

WhatsApp down, but not dead; here’s what’s coming next on app

WhatsApp may be down, but it is not dead, yet. WhatsApp subscribers may be leaving the platform by the millions, going by what its rivals are saying, but that is not stopping this Facebook-owned company from trying to win over new subscribers and persuading current ones to stay. It keeps making offers that users cannot

Your WhatsApp account banned or deleted? What not to do

WhatsApp is a great communications tool. However, it is being misused by many people. To stop these mischief-makers, their WhatsApp accounts can be banned or deleted. In fact, your WhatsApp account too can be banned or deleted if you break the rules – knowingly or unknowingly. To save your WhatsApp account from being banned, you

How to view WhatsApp messages secretly without opening them

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. It is the home to over two billion users who share 100 billion messages every day. Its importance was reminded to everyone when WhatsApp crashed day before yesterday and it left users confused and frustrated – the outage lasted for almost 7 hours!

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