Day: September 23, 2021

Microsoft releases its Windows 11 PC Health Check app again

Upon Windows 11’s announcement, Microsoft shared a Windows 11 PC Health Check app that scans your computer to see if it’s eligible for the major Windows update. It was taken down shortly after due to some controversy regarding the system requirements. Now, it’s available for download again and you can see if your hardware qualifies.

Big News: Link PAN Card with Aadhaar Card by yourself, know how

According to government rules, it is necessary to link Aadhar card with PAN card. If Aadhar card and PAN card are not linked, then in future the benefits of many types of banking or government schemes or financial transactions of bank accounts will be stopped. Because the government has informed the public about this many

WhatsApp user? Know the tools and features to stay safe

Lots of application including camera applications, chatting applications, etc. have been introduced. Along with the increase in number of applications, safety and security concerns have also increased among the people. WhatsApp is the most commonly used application by the people for chatting, spreading information, sharing images, videos, etc. Therefore here are the tools and features

Everything You Need to Know About E-Wallet of Paytm

Digital payment and financial services company Paytm has launched a prepaid card Paytm Wallet Card. This card will be linked to your Paytm Wallet balance.You use Paytm Wallet to buy goods from grocery stores, pay water and electricity bills, book gas cylinders, recharge mobile and DTH or order online where payments are acceptedfrom Paytm Wallet

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