Day: November 25, 2020

Covid testing at Rs 499: Mobile labs launched

SpiceHealth has launched mobile laboratories doing RT-PCR tests for Covid-19 starting at Rs 499. The company, run by SpiceJet CMD Ajay Singh’s daughter Avani, claims it will provide results of the test within six hours of sample collection, as against the average 24-48 hours. The first such laboratory was launched at Indian Council of Medical

LinkedIn has good news for IT professionals looking for jobs

It may be a good time for IT professionals looking for jobs as hiring has increased across India. As per LinkedIn’s September report of ‘Labour Market Update, hiring in the month of September witnessed an 18% points climb as compared to August 2020. “Earlier in the year, hiring declines reached a low of below -50%

How to Automatically Translate Any Android App into Any Language

Let’s admit. Not everyone is comfortable with the universal language – English. Sometimes using apps in languages that we don’t understand invites unnecessary troubles. It’s because we are not always comfortable with languages that are not our mother tongue. Although English is the most preferred language, sometimes users want to convert or translate the App

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