Day: March 18, 2020

Coronavirus – here’s the public health advice on how to protect yourself

Most people who have caught the COVID-19 coronavirus suffer little more than mild illness from which they soon recover. But for some – particularly the elderly and patients with existing health conditions – the consequences can be more severe. COVID-19 can be transmitted by people with the virus coughing or sneezing, releasing tiny contaminated droplets

How to transcribe any foreign language using Google Translate

How to transcribe foreign language using Google Translate [Step-by-step guide]You can now translate any foreign language to the language you understand using the Google Translate app on your smartphone. Previously, Google announced the speech transcribe feature for the Spanish language only. Today, it is extending this feature to any language on the app. The Transcribe

Google removes this feature from Hangouts for Android

NEW DELHI: Tech giant Google has removed the ability to share location on Google Hangouts for Android. The location-sharing feature available in Google Hangouts was very basic and was also not capable of providing realtime tracking just like Google Maps. Users were able to access the feature which was placed under the text filed in

Fraud alert! 7 safe online banking tips you must know

New Delhi: As internet penetration is increasing and people are switching to newer forms of banking such as net banking, phone banking, SMS banking etc, scammers are looking for ways to defraud people online. Not just accountholders but even banks are gradually edging toward having most of their processes online. From money transfer to paying bills

Working from home? Here’s how you can get the most of Gmail

Rise of coronavirus cases is forcing companies to ask their employees to work from home. A lot of these companies use Gmail for their official communication. While Gmail is primarily used as an emailing service, it is loaded with features that enable employees to better communicate with one another. Create a calendar: Do you have a

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